Telehealth – Video Visit Instructions & FAQ

OTTO Health

Click the link below to view and download the 
OTTO Patient Quick Start Guide.

Telehealth – FAQs

What browser should I use for a OTTO appointment? What type of device do I need?

OTTO Health is supported on Google Chrome, Safari, & Firefox browsers. 

OTTO will work on any computer device with internet access and a camera, including smartphones and tablets.

Why can't I see/hear myself or my provider?

Chances are your device or browser needs to be updated, or you need to adjust the privacy settings to allow applications such as a web browser access to your device’s camera and microphone.

Please try the test my visit link.

How do I join and end a Virtual Visit?

Joining your visit: 

Look for the confirmation or reminder emails from OTTO Health containg your secure visit link. Click the JOIN VISIT button to see your provider. 


Ending your visit:

When you are finished with your visit, click END VISIT to wrap things up.  

How do I add a guest to my visit?

OTTO will allow you to add up to 1 guest to your visit. You can add a guest from the email received or during the visit. For instructions click on the guide below: 

Adding A Guest Guide