PCSD is dedicated to ensuring continued education amongst all of our clinicians. To guarantee that our clinicians are practicing at the cutting edge of their specialty, PCSD has in place an intensive and ongoing educational program to serve our patients, our clinicians, and the primary care physicians in the community.


The mission of the Continuing Medical Education program at Psychiatric Centers at San Diego (PCSD) is to provide lifelong learning opportunities for our physicians, psychologists, therapists, and nurse practitioners that will support continuous professional development and improve knowledge, competence, and performance.  Activities are designed to enhance the quality of patient care through the integration of the latest research information and frequent reviews of standard of care practices.  PCSD is committed to educate our physicians and healthcare professionals on health disparities and cultural diversity to deliver relevant care to our patients and community.

The past 30 years have seen dramatic improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders.  As a result of intensive and productive research, psychiatrists and their patients have now at their disposal a vast array of effective medications for use in many mental health disorders.

PCSD’s professionals are encouraged to be active in research, teaching, and continuing education.  PCSD also encourages it physicians’ involvement with hospital administrative positions, and is able to assist physicians in obtaining such positions.  Several of our physicians hold medical and clinical directorships in local area hospitals.

PCSD hosts clinical lectures, given by guest speakers, for our clinicians on a regular basis.  A monthly Journal Club is one example of our commitment to continuing education.

The California Medical Association/Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education awarded PCSD with CME certification, allowing us to provide our clinicians, free of charge, opportunities to fulfill their annual CME requirements by taking advantage of the in-house events offered by PCSD’s Education Department.

As a CME provider, PCSD must comply with state laws including, but not limited to, AB1195 & AB241.