How to Request Your Medical Records

Information about you and your health is confidential. In order to ensure confidentiality, we require the Authorization for Use and Disclosure Form be completed for all medical record requests. If you need copies of your medical records for yourself or a third party, we can help.

To request records online, please complete the authorization form below.

Authorization for Use and Disclosure Form – English

Autorización Para uso y Divulgación de Registros Médicos – Spanish

*Please Note: There may be a charge associated with receiving copies of medical records.

To request records by mail, fax, or email

Complete the Authorization for Use and Disclosure

Once you have completed the forms, please mail, fax or email them to:

Mail: PCSD, PO Box 609001, San Diego, CA 92160

Fax: (619) 528-4625


**Emails requesting medical records must include a completed Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information form (see above).

You may also go to any of our office locations to complete the form in person.

Please read the forms carefully before you sign them. Incomplete/incorrect authorizations can delay the release of records. If you have any questions about how to complete the authorization, please contact any of our office locations or Medical Records at 619-528-4600 ext. 6516.

Pay for records

There is no cost for medical records if they are sent to another health provider for continuing care. If medical records are requested for personal, legal or insurance purposes, PCSD may charge for records.