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About Us

Psychiatric Centers at San Diego, Incorporated Medical Group (PCSD) is a group of psychiatrists, therapists, and nurse practitioners with similar views concerning the practice of psychiatry and psychotherapy.  PCSD is among the largest and oldest integrated private practice behavioral health groups in the United States and adheres to the medical model of psychiatry wherein the diagnosis is of the utmost importance in determining the treatment plan for each individual.  This method has proven to be clinically sound and goal directed.

PCSD has practiced in San Diego County since 1972, and has enjoyed a reputation for its state of the art treatment and quality of care. The members of PCSD are active in inpatient and outpatient care, medical and clinical administration, research, teaching, lecturing, and clinical writing. Our physicians are trained in evaluation, rapid intervention, short term treatment, and sophisticated medication management. Likewise, our psychologists and therapists are trained in individual, couples, and family therapy, as well as group, short term crisis intervention, and long term psychotherapy, when appropriate. Our nurse practitioners are equally trained in crisis intervention and medication management.

At PCSD, our mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive, and cost-effective behavioral health care to our community.  PCSD is governed by its Board of Directors whose responsibility is to ensure the highest quality of care for our patients.  The Quality Management and Improvement Committee and its two Sub-Committees,  the Utilization Management and Credentialing Committees, report directly to the PCSD Board of Directors regarding all levels of care.  To ensure the highest quality of care for our patients, PCSD is dedicated to meeting the following standards set forth by the NCQA (National Committee on Quality Assurance):

Quality Management and Improvement

Utilization Management


Treatment Records

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

PCSD’s operations are centralized at our Administrative Office in San Diego, California.  Operations provide centralized appointment services, billing and collection services, accounting services, legal services, information systems management, personnel, record keeping, and other general administrative services.  Our basic philosophy is to provide the administrative services necessary to allow our clinicians to focus on their clinical work.



Christopher Morache, M.D., President

Fernando Kwiatkowski, M.D., Executive Vice President/Medical Director

Irinel Chiriac, M.D., Director

Nita Paintal, M.D., Director

Anil Patel, M.D., Director

Stephen Signer, M.D., Director


Jada Brathwaite, Chief Operating Officers, HIPAA Compliance Officer

Robin Alldis, Manager of Quality Services

Julie Rice, Credentialing Manager

Molly Malloy, Clinical Services Manager

Thalia Sanchez, Accounts Receivable & Intake Manager

Colleen Su, Medical Records Manager, Community Relations Manager, & CME Administrator

Trinh Trinh, Regional Sites Manager


If you are interested in being a part of our team, please fax your resume and cover letter to Human Resources at (619) 528-4625.